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Sat, Jun. 24th, 2006, 06:02 am
BABYTIME - or - Seven weeks

Seven weeks.

Seven weeks ago, the summer movie season had already started. Seven weeks ago, I had already turned 30. Seven weeks ago, things were just like now.. same season, same time, same.. well.. almost everything.

Its hard to think that in seven weeks - or less - everything will be different. I sit sometimes on the Rocking chair I still need to fix up, or in the laundry room I still need to finish emptying out.. and I think to myself.. I was still working on this stuff seven weeks ago. I play the song I swore I was going to record seven weeks ago, and I think.. maybe in a couple of weeks.

Its hard to think that in seven weeks, to one person, I will be a person with no history. I'm not that guy who did Into The Woods, not that guy crying because of a 10th grade breakup, not that guy who had to run away from Saint Mary's. I won't be the marshmallows on the ceiling guy, the Crucible guy, the Wayward Sun fan, the actor or the blogger.

I'll just be Dad. Like my Dad. There will be a person to whom I will be the barrier from really fun but dangerous things, the enforcer of the bedtime, the shoulders to sit on, the guy you have to wait till HE comes home. Like My dad. One day, someone will tell my son Liam what I am really like, and he'll laugh and say "My Dad? No WAY".

Many of you have kids, and to you what I'm writing is "cute". I will still be me, you'll say. Or maybe you'll say, "yeah, you'll be totally different". I've heard both. But tonight.. with Babytime just seven weeks away, I think.. oh S**T! But then I think.. - wow.. I can't wait to meet him.. and to meet me.

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Wed, May. 10th, 2006, 11:32 pm

YUP, gonna just plug away. COME SEE ME!

DEAD HUNT will be premiering on June 3 - ONE NIGHT ONLY - in Baltimore. 2 shows, 7 and 9. This is a fun film, and not only do I have a pivotal role, but all the music is composed by me, so really, this is the one to see! Email me back ASAP if you're interested in checking it out. Space is still available! Or visit www.Timewarpfilms.com

Speaking of DEAD HUNT - I've gotten permission to put 4 tracks of music up on TIMPANE.COM and it includes the classic PsychoKiller, so come on over and take a listen!

Also, Shakespeare's COMEDY OF ERRORS is closing this weekend in Manassas, VA. tickets are 15 bucks, and this will likely be the last play I do before the baby comes in August, so Check it out! I play Dromio of Syracuse, and its the first time since Rocky Horror that I've really hammed it up in a comedy, so its worth a peek!

Additionally, there are 2 changes to the TIMPANE.COM site! On the Music page, just by going there, you can hear a collage of music available on the site, and on the acting page my Voiceover demo now plays automatically. People have responded positively, especially to the voice demo, so please check those out.

There is news on the Acting front, I have just become eligible to join the SCREEN ACTOR'S GUILD (SAG) and will likely be doing so in the next month or two. Looking forward to this new chapter in my professional life.

BTW, I can be seen in a commercial in Baltimore (FOX 45 and WB 54) for a mortgage company, and there should also be a Gardiner's furniture commercial in that area as well - so keep an eye out for those if you're in that area.

Finally, I'm proud to announce my involvement in the 125th anniversary Gala for the American Red Cross in Washington DC. this is a major gala with thousands of people and even a few celebs and dignitaries, so I'm excited to be a part! Unfortunately this gala is invitation only, but I promise to have stories to tell. Its been fun!

Please feel free to email me, and as always...

Sun, Apr. 9th, 2006, 09:07 am
Babytime Approaches

Well, we're in month 5, and things are getting busy.

Along with rehearsing "Comedy of Errors" in Manassas, finishing the Dead hunt music, shooting a commercial in Annapolis, auditioning all over the place, and working atthe Hospital, now I'm prepping our lives for the baby's arrival.

granted, I'm not doing this alone. My wonderful Wifey has been instrumental, and really, as far as making the baby, is doing the bulk of the work. but i do find myself unpacking, packing, moving stuff, and soon, moving the Cat's stuff to a new place and putting in a kitty door.

So all the prepping is fin but is more work in an already busy schedule.. but with only 4 months left, I'd better start cracking.

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2006, 06:13 am
First song

Well, the first song for baby has been written.
Its a simple little guitar tune, probably going to be called "First Song" - and I'm really proud of it.. hasn't been recorded yet.

What surprised me is that when I played it the first time for wifey, I had a hard time getting through it.. just cuz I was all chokey... which is embarrassing kind of, but oh well.

It also marks the first time I got really emotional about the whole thing. I've been excited, and I've been starstruck, but this is the first time I've felt kind of overwhelmed by - could it be love? How could that be? I've never even met this person. this person, who is barely bigger than an apple. Weird.

Finally, I guess this also marks the first song written specifically to be included on the next CD, which is, somehow, less important than the other firsts, but definitely to be included.

Tue, Feb. 21st, 2006, 06:13 am
First song

Well, the first song for baby has been written.
Its a simple little guitar tune, probably going to be called "First Song" - and I'm really proud of it.. hasn't been recorded yet.

What surprised me is that when I played it the first time for wifey, I had a hard time getting through it.. just cuz I was all chokey... which is embarassing kind of, but oh well.

It also marks the first time I got really emotional about the whole thing. I've been excited, and I've been starstruck, but this is the first time I've felt kind fo overwhelmed by - could it be love? How could that be? I've never even met this person. this person, who is barely bigger than an apple. Weird.

Finally, I guess this also marks the first song written specifically to be included on the next CD, which is, somehow, less important than the other firsts, but definitely to be included.

Tue, Feb. 14th, 2006, 12:28 am

Ever listen to Barenaked Ladies Song "Box Set"?
Well, its done.. the biggest project I've ever attempted that absolutely no one will know or care about.

Polishing the turd - (pawlisheeng th(schwaa) terd) - V. The act of endeavoring to make something that isn't that good to begin with appear better than it is, usually futile.

I have recorded 193 tracks of music since I started in 1990 at the age of 13. And most of them suck. Yup, most of them are so unlistenable that we would have to be quite close before I would ever let you hear them. And yet, I have spent close to 100 hours in the last year or so cataloguing and remastering all 193 tracks.

I got the idea when, on a whim, I spent some time remastering the first Wayward Sun album (the results of which are on the music section of Barnson). It was cool to have the old tape on CD and on my computer to play whenever I wanted. I thought.. well, it would be cool to do that with all my old stuff...

So I searched through tapes, recorded them into the computer, took out the hiss, remastered the songs, divided them into their original "albums", and put the albums in Chronological order. Then I did the same stuff for all my digital work, all the CDs up through the newest one (which you can download at http://www.timpane.com/mp3 ) and now I have it.

The funny thing is - no one will care right now. My brother laughs at me because it seems like such a self-centered waste of time. And to be honest, I'm trying not to agree with him.

Here's why:
1) Posterity. I didn't know many of my Grandparents that well, and one not at all... and I know nothing about other ancestors. Heck, I only really know my Dad as my Dad, and have no real idea of what he may have been like when he was younger. With a kid on the way, I want this to be around for my brothers and sister and my kids and Grandkids.. i want this put in some family Vault - and hopefully one day it will be unearthed like the letters my one living Grandparent finds when she does Geneaology - its really my heart and soul put into music, its my diary, even if a lot of it sucks.

2) Reflection. I like listening to my old stuff.. its like therapy. I listen to what I used to write vs. what I write now and I try to gauge how I'm doing as a person. Its like rereading an old diary, and I think that has value.

3) Novelty. I can think of about 10 people who will actually want this, and about half of them will probably listen to it a lot - people I grew up with who listened to these songs when they were new.. and a couple who have really been requesting this.

I think it was time well spent, and its good that I've finished and can finally put one more thing behind me on my list of "things I want to do before the baby is born".

Although I blogged this at Barnson as well, I thought I'd post at LJ and MySpace the Albums and Songs, just so a list exists somewhere.. so here it is..

Smile to Hide my Tears v.1
I May Be White
Im Gonna Sing a Song part 1
Or is it me v.1
Holdin Hearts Holdin Hands v.1 (With Matt Barnson)
Tonight Youre Mine
Im Gonna Sing a Song part 2
Smile to Hide my Tears v.2
BONUS: Our Languages are Different (With Kevin Timpane and John Timpane)

The Last Goodbye
9th and K
Justins Rules for Life
We Will Pluck You
Because I Love You
Im Falling Down (With Billy Conway)
Mary had a Little Lamb
Sweet Sixteen
The Way it is
In the Night
Psycho killer v.1
You Are v.1

IM NOT MATT (1993)

Hello My Love
Steves Song (The Hope)
Blue Sky With Rain
Okay to Cry, Daddy?
The Flames Stopped Flying
Straight and Narrow Path
The Waves Dont Care

Shot in the Night v.1
Sunday Night v.1 (guest artist on Sax)
(Forever is a) Long Long Time v.1
Psycho Killer v.2
So Much More v.1
Maybe if
The Crucible (Original Instrumental Song)
My Baby
We Danced
When You Are Older
Love Can Be
Holdin Hearts, Holdin Hands v.2 (With Matt Barnson)
Somethings on my Mind Again v.1 (With Van Lindberg)


Close your Eyes
Ill Be There
Shot in the Night (Crow Remix)
Teardrops in the Rain v.1
Hold on to Me v.1
Requiem v.1
Rainbow in the Rain v.1
Prayer v.1

NIGHTSHOT Extended Edition (1996)
Your Illusion (With Steve Sulouff)
Angels do Exist
Eleanor Rigby (written by Paul McCartney)
Ballad of York St
Legneg Deeny
I Know You
Shooting Star
Forever Yours v.1
She Cries Aloud
Mr. Wonderful
The Bonds of Love
Fairytale Romance
Somethings on my Mind Again v.2 (With Steve Sulouff)
Shot in the Night v.2

THE CRUCIBLE An Original Score (1997)

PREQUEL Extended Edition (1998)
Hey Jim
Kellys Song v.2
Horatio v.2
Forever and a Day v.2
Requiem v.2
And Always
Revolving Door v.2
Epic (With Kelly Timpane)
Go back Again
UNRELEASED Burning The High School Down
Early Versions of Revolving Door, Kellys Song, Requiem, Forever and a Day, and Horatio

CAN YOU SEE YOURSELF Extended Edition (1999)
On your Way
The Last Time v.1
Club Boy
Day Today
After This
Hush Little Child
Blood Of Innocence
Dream Awake
Anyweather Friend
Long Way Home
UNRELEASED: Fathers and Sons

THE ATLANTIC SUITE An Original Score (1999)

HELLO, I LOVE YOU, GOODBYE Extended Edition (2000)
Smile to Hide my Tears v.3
Holdin Hearts, Holdin Hands v.3 (with Matt Barnson)
So Much More v.2
Sunday Night v.2
Prayer v.2
Hold On to me v.2
Rainbow in the Rain v.2
Kellys Song v.3
Stay v.1
Cloud Song
Dream Come True
BONUS: Live versions of Kellys Song, Holdin Hearts, Holdin Hands
(With Matt Barnson, John Timpane, Brett Clawson, and Sarah Hamilton)
UNRELEASED Or is it Me v.2

UNRELEASED SOUNDTRACK A Days Insanity 2 (2001)

READMISSION - Extended Edition (2002)
Starbucks Nation
Everythings Wonderful
Not Myself Today v.2
Eyes Closed (Hidenseek)
Yes I Do
All before
Lie (With Katie Hale)
UNRELEASED Not Myself Today v.1

CRAWLER An Original Score Extended Edition (2005)

Only Begun
(Forever is a) Long Long Time v.2
Teardrops in the Rain v.2
Forever Yours v.2
The Last Time v.2
All Before v.1
Everythings Wonderful v.1
One Day
You Are v.2

Bloodbash (With Matt Barnson)
One Man (With Matt Barnson, Written by Matt Barnson)
Soar (With Matt Barnson)
Hold On to me (Performed by Kelly Timpane)
Burning the High School Down
My love
Fathers and Sons
Or is it Me v.2

193 Different Tracks of Original Music
110 Original Songs plus Four Original Scores
27 Remakes Of Earlier Songs
16 Collaborations with Other people
3 Writing Collaborations with Matt Barnson
1 Song Lost
1 Song Retired
2 Songs Written entirely by Someone Else
4 Different Recordings of Holdin Hearts holdin Hands
4 Different Recordings of Kellys Song

Mon, Jan. 23rd, 2006, 02:13 pm

Well.. I guess I'll let the cat out of the bag here as well..

Its has been difficult not mentioning the secret, but seeing as how many many people know now.. we've known since december

Well, if you to go to http://www.timpane.com/peanut you can see for yourself

I'm gonna be a daddy. First time.. planned.. very excited for next August.
But there's fear there too. How will I balance acting and work and a kid.. am I ready.. am I responsible enough.. all scary questions that will be explored.

So, yeah, that's the news, I will post more when there is more to post. Suffice to say.. YIPPEE!!

Tue, Dec. 13th, 2005, 12:58 am

I got googled.

Rachel was in 9th grade when I met her. I was in 12th. I was far from hot stuff, especially when the school year began, but there was a small group of freshmen girls who treated me like I kind of always dreamed I would be treated at that point in my life. The most memorable of these was Rachel. She would be the first one to see me in that way, and the last one to sort of see me as I came out of my weird post "Saint mary's" funk, before I disappeared.

Rachel and her friends had a bit of a crush on me.. and that was good... because for a slightly effeminite, gawky, show-choir kid it was nice to have an attractive girl tell you you were cool. In all honesty she liked me most likely because I was in 12th grade, I played piano, and I had the lead in the school play. It probably had very little to do with me.

Isn't it weird how much that kind of thing means to you in retrospect?

There is a story to tell here, including a homecoming date where any thought of my being cool was thrown out the window.. and where my romantic reputation was proven to be disastously undeserved.. and probably a lot of that was because of the impending tragicomedy that would be my relationship with my "big High school ex" (with whom, I'm proud to say, I've developed a really cool passing friendship in my adult years) - I left the homecoming dance that night having shown the only person to have treated me like I was someone to be admired that I did not, in fact deserve the attention she had shown.. pretty much from then onward, Rachel's opinion of me was tempered by a discovery. Justin Timpane is just another guy, and really, kind of a dork.

Rachel's discovery has its high rank on my top 20 biggest mistakes because I could have been really cool with a little effort, and a lot of "If I knew then what I know now". I could have shown a very nice, very pretty girl the first "night of her life" as a dynamic, romantic older guy who was a gentleman. Instead, I ended up brooding and being uninterested at the dance, a year later macking on her friend, and not long after that running into her at the Silver Diner.. and just wanting to say "If you knew me as how I am when I'm at my best, maybe I could change your mind about me and you might look up to me a little like you did before." Instead, I think I told her to "stay in school". Good job, fonzie.

Today, I got to have my own "My Name is Earl" moment when Rachel randomly googled me and said "You were pretty good in the Crucible". Its simple, but it meant something worthy of blogging, and I'll tell you why. It means, that somewhere on her list of "what ever happened to" people, I still remained. Sure, I was far far down from her first major boyfriend, or a college buddy she had a fight with, or the next door neighbor who moved away when she was 10 (I'm making these up, but I think everyone has the same sort of Google lists).. but I was there. Somewhere that positive image of me left a small but indelible impression that made a now adult woman say, "Its worth it to know he's doing well and to even say, 'you were pretty good that one time in that play'.".

A lot of my Blogging and writing is about me trying to figure out High School, and when I meet someone I used to know, I tend to feel a strong urge to say, "Hey sorry i was a dorky nutbar but I'm way cooler now".. but I don't because while I think I am cooler now, I fear that upon further examination, the other person will decide, that I'm not really all that different. Thats why when someone like Abby or Rachel gives me an inkling that I may just be ok, or that I may not have been so bad, it gives me pause.

But for today, yeah, the dorky 17 year old I was gets to feel cool again for just one minute .. and y'know what, its nice.

Mon, Oct. 24th, 2005, 03:49 pm
JOHN PROCTOR IS DEAD - or - You can't go back again

Boy oh boy did I love Wayward Sun. Despite the fact that they were just essentially a teen garage band, they were my favorite band in High School, the way some people loved Nirvana or Billy Joel. But now certain members of the band have kind of said "no thanks, we've done that". I didn't get it. You have a chance now to take what you were good at in High School, iron out the kinks, and make it better. Why not do that?

I get it now.

In 1993, I played onstage, in my senior year, the role of John Proctor in Quince Orchard's production of "The Crucible". It got me a lot of credibility, I did a great job, and it galvanized my desire to act. Despite this, it was a high school play, I didn't know crap about life, and it was ultimately a flawed performance.

Last weekend, I auditioned for Reston Players' production of "The Crucible". I wanted to play hale, but my Proctor was good enough in an audition to get me called back repeatedly once again for the lead. I was ecstatic, and for much of the audition, it seemed clear that the role was mine. As we neared the end though, we got to the meatier scenes, and I was doing passionate, precise redings.. that were a little out of context of what was going on. Thinking back, I was doing the same line readings I had done at the age of 17, and looking for the same responses. I never got them.

I did not get Proctor. I barely read for Hale. This production of the Crucible will roll along without me, and perhaps its just as well. I'll be doing another play or film soon.. something that is new to me. As an artist, I have committed to doing new work. Taking something someone else made and making it my own. I already did my Proctor.. and doing it again would be doing an imitation of myself.. a remake.

So for me, the dream of playing Proctor again sometime is dead.. you can't go back again. Maybe you shouldn't. Maybe for me Hale should always belong to Mike Lanahan, Proctor should always be a teenager trying his best to impress his friends and detractors.. Maybe the best version of "All Over again" will always be the one on "The Right Of Way" - and maybe that has less to do with intrinsic quality, and more to do with what it meant way back when.

Mon, May. 2nd, 2005, 07:14 pm
Thoughts on current state of life

Man oh man.. I've let this thing go, eh?

So, yeah.. of late I finished Nursing School, got my RN, finished shooting "Dead Hunt", wnet to Jamaica, and am working on prepping my house to be sold.

Its a weird time for me. On one hand.. I have a lot to be thankful for.. things are good with my wife, we're financially OK, physically pretty healthy, our families are pretty healthy, all the things that "matter" are going well..

Unfortunately, we're also very BUSY.. too busy. Nursing is very stressful.. especially when you're new at it. I dont have time to really pursue the acting thing at the moment, I'm tired a lot of the time.. and it can be hard to recover from all that..

I guess or now.. I'll do my best to keep my eyes on the positive.. the new website.. doing my music.. Star Wars is coming out.. my brother Sean is graduating college from Duke, things are good.. and hopefully, in the coming months the stress will die down and I can finally just relax.


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